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Lauri Brothers implemented a new project on 100 square meters.
We often hear that the loft can not be cozy. And if you imagine it deliberately girlish? The loft is a concrete, industrial and rather cold interior. Is a girlish apartment pink, white and canopy? Yes! Just look how we realized it all!
The hallway is made in the most minimalism: a wardrobe-hanger, niches for shoes and all necessary small things, and a frame mirror on the floor. The almost white "sterile" kitchen favorably highlights one of the numerous chips of this apartment - the glass chameleons on the facades. The dining area is something between the table and the bar, at which you can hang in a literal sense. There is a swing! Of course, the lamps of different format over the ceiling and a cooker hood that is disguised as the lamps will not be set aside disregard. Thanks to the neon signs and the abundance of light in the evening, the kitchen looks like a modern Kiev cocktail bar! A real party time! A steep conspiracy chip is an integrated induction cooker in the countertop! It is really hidden in a literal sense! You can find it only by using the secret inclusion buttons. Cooking will be stylish and unusual. The bar stools are made by Ukrainian designers - Thorn soft. All the furniture in loft style is made by ST.4 company.
The living room is one of the quietest places in this room. It’s a place of rest and relaxation. At the window there are also bar stools with a vertical lamp .When the weather is fine you can sit and read a book or just be sad in bad weather. All this looks favorably in combination with "bare" concrete walls and the interior window from a glass block.
The bedroom is our favorite place in this apartment! It is beautiful in everything! Look at any point. You can see a huge panoramic window, a hanging bed XXXL with lighting, the same canopy (and what!), Wall lighting in the form of a dream keeper and ... the main highlight - a morning greeting for the hostess "WAKE UP ***" - straight over the bed itself. We like such brave customers! But that's not all, let's return to the huge panoramic window (21st floor). An unreal fascinating view to the right bank of the Dnipro river with the Kiev hills, Motherland and Lavra is opened from this place ! And what marvellous sunsets are here every day! It is also a large comfortable area for a bachelorette party or romantic evenings. Pillows, a soft carpet, a small table... We have already imagined a bottle of sparkling wine, fruit and calming intimate conversations there. The room has something in common with the kitchen and the main line of the interior and supplemented by chameleon glasses on the partition between the room and the wardrobe area (it's huge!), As well as a dark green plaster is under the oxidized metal on the bedside walls.
The guest toilet is laid out with an impressive matte black tile and is supplemented with concrete elements. The mistress’ bathroom looks like the girlish one. It is PINK! We have chosen a nice gentle pink shade of Vogue, which blends well with dark green walls and ceiling. We placed hidden shelves for the bathroom utensils behind the giant bathroom with a shower and huge mirrors. We did it not to overload the space with cupboards and recesses. And how not to pay attention to the two vertical lamps! This is the make up zone!
Design: Lauri Brothers
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner