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DY Apartment


DY Apartment

This project is a prime example of functionalism-symbolism symbiosis. The floor-to-ceiling panoramic window with a beautiful view of the city is a special feature of this apartment. This is the only window in the apartment, so that, it performs primarily the zoning task. The open floor plan that we use here enables the natural light to get into the studio, the kitchen and the bedroom. The entrance hall, the dressing room and the bathroom are separated by the partitions. The space in other zones is separated by glass constructions, curtains and finish materials.

The living room visually differs from the bedroom and the kitchen only by the type of the floor coating, therefore the floor of the whole apartment is made of microcement while in the living room there is a warm, inviting body of wood. Modern bedroom is just a doss-house for many people and most of the time is spent in a studio that is why we made the living room the main room in the apartment giving a space for a large sofa and working area.

Since this apartment is to be an oasitic place, full of tranquillity we have rejected all contrast and vivid colours and bright elements and come up with the idea of the design that helps one to get into good emotional state. This idea is applied by a wealth of natural materials, calm colours and simplicity of forms.

Design: Ruda studio
Location of the object: Odessa your social media marketing partner