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OLX Office Interior Design


OLX Office Interior Design

The office space is conditionally divided into five areas: reception, working room, meeting rooms, recreation areas and CEO office. Loft style with bright accents is definitely one of the best design choices for a contemporary office space. In this particular project, we aimed to create a comfortable open workplace with a variety of spontaneous work areas where one could combine work and leisure. Developing this space, we proceeded from the client’s desire to reflect the philosophy and values of the company in office design. Therefore, graphic prints displaying the basic brand ideas and approaches to the customers decorate the walls and concrete columns. The office location made it easy for us to create a breakout area with a magnificent view of Kiev hills. The hanging chairs and puffs with tables are placed right in front of the panoramic windows, which makes it a functional space for the employees to work or relax.

Design: Design Hub International
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner