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Artdeco apartment


Artdeco apartment

It is the concept of interior design of the private apartment in Kiev (55.5 m ²). 
The owner of investment the young purposeful guy appreciating reserved, expensive and complete design. 
The purpose of the project was to create reserved and deep design, to think over each centimeter of space, to design it the most functional and comfortable. To the prevailing shades deep blue color which plays on contrast with white marble and light metal acts. 
Having taken it as a basis all above-mentioned criteria, I decided to create an eclectic interior which enter such style as: Artdeco, minimalism, classics. A creative center of these apartments is the bust sculpture being in the middle of a lunch and kitchen zone. She adds an interior feeling of antiquity and to introduce even more luxury and integrity to style. As it was told above, the customer prefers reserved and luxury style in an interior, and also functional decisions, and on it I used a dark oak. This material in itself is natural, reliable and qualitative. In this project it appears literally in all apartment, in such places as: a large case, in kitchen, in the bathroom, and also in a headboard to bedrooms. The white and black marble designed in the form of floor tiles in kitchen, in the bathroom and such elements as journal and a bedstand. Blue color as the accent appearing in the most appearing places in an interior: on a sofa, kitchen and in the form of a case in the bathroom.

Design: Valido Architects
Location of the object: Kyiv

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