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For his new apartment in Kiev the customer, a german-born american businessman, asked ZOOI designers to show the benefits of living in an historic home, to introduce loft elements and to make this house modern and cozy. The kitchen is compact and minimalist, and offers the customer the maximum functionality, taking up as little space as possible. Thanks to the minimalistic design, the kitchen looks like part of the spacious living room. In the kitchen there are several hidden shelves and a massive module with a large and functional storage system with all the necessary coocking equipment. The designers Pavel Voytov and Maxim Doschinsky designed also a modern and elegant dining area, organizing it near the wondows. After introducing different ideas for the replanning of this apartment, ZOOI designers decided fora total area of 135 sq.m. with an open space consisting of a kitchen and a living room. After implementing a modern minimalism, ZOOI designers used also an eclectic style, to emphasize the historicity of the place, the size of the area and the height of the ceilings. 

Design: ZOOI Interior studio
Location of the object: Kyiv

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