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 And you will find yourself in the largest Japanese restaurant in Ukraine, designed by the Sergey Makhno Architects studio on request of the chef Fujiwara Yoshihiro. Fujiwara Yoshi is an 800 square meter maze designed to get lost in the greatness of Japanese culture and not even try to find a way out. Your glances will be captivated by details, — try to notice every single one.

"This project is special to me. Japan is my place of power. I fall in love with this country every time I go there. And I always want more. Therefore, I was happy to put a piece of my love in the heart of Ukraine. Our main task was to communicate Japanese philosophy, not to shout it with some clichés. The design of the restaurant is coziness dictated by Japan, but read with the Ukrainian soul", — says Sergey Makhno, the founder of the Sergey Makhno Architects studio.

The garden throws the shadows at the sitting area. Catch one or two, when you are around. The alley of bonsai trees brought from a small town near Tokyo leads to sea-life and freshwater aquariums with a shamelessly bulky table for tuna processing behind.

Design: Sergey Makhno Architects

Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner