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This housing is made of twin apartments, so we had a place to go. The main colors of all rooms: white, black, gray and a little tree. Minimalism as it is. The kitchen is very restrained. The dining room makes the gaze stop on a creative table with a “leg” protruding from the surface, which imitates a concrete beam. A little destructive in this black and white perfection. Also in the dining area there is large wooden shelving for books. The living room features a full-length panoramic window, a swing chair and a roomy soft sofa. One of the bedrooms adds a little more paint - the emerald bottle color at the head of the bed looks great with wood and gray walls. The master bedroom is strict in its color scheme but look at this bed... It seems that it is impossible to crawl out from under this bedspread on Monday morning. And then we would like to show you the bathroom which is accessible from the main bedroom. Firstly, it is awesome. And the room itself, and, in fact, the bath itself. Secondly, there is a window in which you can dreamily look, lying in warm water with a set of essential oils, sea salt and foam. Thirdly, it is also all made in strict colors and is a logical continuation of the entire interior. The apartment also has a guest bathroom. Of course, it is noticeably smaller than the previous one but not at all worse: a corner shower of irregular shape and all the same black and white shades. 

Design: Lauri Brothers
Location of the object: Kyiv

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