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Seraph's flat


Seraph's flat
Stylish & comfortable living interior for family with the kid. In this apartment, the father of the family was born and spent his childhood. The apartment is located in a panel house, with low ceilings (2.5 m) and even lower and massive concrete beams. When we designing on this compact area, we tried to create as much open space as possible and coordinate the relief of the ceiling with a new functional layout.
The array of ceiling space of the living room-hallway was combined and tinted in light gray color, for visually increasing height and area.
The wardrobe closet on the side of the entrance and the decorative wall with TV from the side of the living room - functional zoning of space. The entrance door on the mirror wall became the portal of this small universe to the outside world.
In the children's room it was important to blur the boundaries of the room, due to which decorative prints appeared on the ceiling. The windows have a working space.
At the window provide a working space.At the entrance to the bedroom is organized a small corridor. A walk-through wardrobe is formed on both sides of it. Modern interior with elements of pop art.

Design: K-BAND
Location of the object: Kyiv your social media marketing partner