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Apartment 539


Apartment 539

The owners of the apartment are a married couple, they constantly live outside the city and come to Kiev several times a year for a couple of weeks. The rest of the time the apartment is rented.

Therefore, our main task was to create a neutral and at the same time stylish interior that would be comfortable and pleasant for the guests of any taste preferences and ages, while being able to easily transform and change it with the help of decor.

We have a one-room apartment of 40 m2, in a panel house. It is not big, but we wanted to maximise the use of its area. Since we could not demolish the walls and make a complete redevelopment, we did it the other way. We decided to work with the zones.

We transferred the working area of the kitchen to the place were the wardrobe was and combined it with the living room into a single functional space, and in the place of the kitchen we made a full bedroom with an access to the balcony. As a result, we have got a two-room apartment.

To make the kitchen fully functional, it was necessary to solve several problems: the ventilation system and the sewage system. There were no problems with the hood, we used a direct ventilation duct. So, the lowering of the ceiling was minimal. Sewerage and water supply were laid in a screed and a sewage pump for the kitchen was installed under the sink. Thus we made a spacious and at the same time ergonomic kitchen.

Photo: Sergey Savchenko
Tetiana Pankevych & Liuba Kushnir
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