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Interior design "Adventure time"


Interior design "Adventure time"

Thematic interior design of studio apartment in Scandinavian style. The theme is cartoon TV-show Adventure Time, made in cooperation with Viktoria Dvorjanskaya. For design studio Dvordes. Design and visualization by Lada Kamyshanskaya and Aleksandr Milovanov.
Kitchen, dining and seating room zones are presented as open layout space and smoothly flow into each other. But we succeeded with zoning by furniture and color compositions. There is a valance instead of door in the bedroom. 

The main material in the apartment decoration is pressed plywood, which is on trend now. This material allows the singleness of decoration and it is a good basement for graphic and tag application. Due to the big windows the apartment is full of light which is very important for Scandinavian style. White, yellow and beige are the main colors of the interior, yellow is a central focus. There colors made the space light and with cartoon theme it became very positive and funny. 
Bathroom is separated from the open space, performed in white color and in tender shade of blue, which is linking your mind to the calm sea surface. Cabinets also made of pressed plywood and cartoon characters are plotted on their surface. Tile pattern support the geometric feature of the whole interior as well as the cartoon. 

Main source of light in the apartment are rows of the light bulbs hanged by the white cables, this realized the image of light spider web. The central focus are thematic patterns (graphical and colored illustrations) with cartoon characters. 
Hallway: glossy white floor, wardrobe with illuminated aperture where you can leave outerwear, bags and it will not be seeing. Bright Lady Rainicorn on the white hall-door shows out you to the real world but definitely with dreamy mood. 

Design: Lada Kamyshanskaya & Aleksandr Milovanov
location: Kharkiv.

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