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Hiding Places 34/1

A one-bedroom apartment with total area of 48 square meters is located on the top floor of a five-story brick building sited near Darnitsa metro station at the left bank of Dnieper River.

There are high ceilings (3.0 m), large windows, a balcony and a beautiful view of the wide avenue from the apartment. The main task is to make the most of spacious and bright space without any extra partition walls and hallways, with several spacious storage areas and necessarily with the fixed workstation.

location: Kyiv, Ukraine

function: apartment

program: 48.0 sq.m

status: preliminary project

client: private person

authors: Larisa Gusakova

3D visualizations: Aleksandr Gusakov, Larisa Gusakova

Design: The Goort

Location: Kharkiv. your social media marketing partner