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Andy’s Pizza is a big restaurant chain in Moldova and Romania which totals about 50 restaurants. It positions itself as a family place for every day and specializes on serving popular dishes from all over the world at moderate prices.

"We had to reconsider all visual brand components. Starting from the name and logo and ending up with interior design, branded products and souvenirs. Our goal was to develop one strong and consistent visual brand identity for Andy’s Pizza." Brandon Agency.

Preconditions: The first Andy’s Pizza was opened in the year 1999 and served pizza and beer mostly. In future years, the amount 

of new restaurants increased together with a variety of dishes served. In a while, some new sub-brands were born under the Andy’s Pizza trademark: Ciao-Cacao for self-made ice-cream and cookies, Alb & Rosu for wine, Andy’s Pizza Club loyalty program, etc. 

A few separate zones were formed within each restaurant: trattoria (family zone), pub (sport events and beer), cafe (Ciao-Cacao desserts), and a playground for kids. In a row with already implemented innovations, there are few more, which are waiting for their own implementation down the line. It is the organization of a store area in each restaurant to sell wine, pasta, jams, fruits, cookies and souvenirs.

Name: In order to integrate everything together and to keep brand awareness we suggested to maintain the word “Andy’s” 

and to exclude the word “Pizza”.

Design: Brandon Agency, Anna Domovesova
Location: Odessa.

There is a special wall with mail boxes for different kinds of interplay between the customers and the restaurant service. There is a box for good comments and reviews, one for the bad feedback, “suggest-your-recipe” box, “a letter to a random visitor”, “lucky receipt lottery box” and etc. Info brochures and take-away menus are also in here.

In order to follow the town concept we decided to use exterior finishes and attributes within interior: paving stone, rough wood, clambering plants, street signs, and light. We aimed to organize main space as if it was a central square in a small town. Sales areas symbolically show street stalls and counters that face the square. They look similar, but offer different products - there is a bar counter for beer and drinks, pizza counter that shows pizza manufacturing process, ice-cream stall, pastry, fruit and souvenir zones. your social media marketing partner