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Queen Country Club


Queen Country Club

It is not necessary to move far from the city in order to forget about every day fuss and relax near water. Queen Country Club resort which is located near Kyiv offers a huge range of services and entertainments. The guests can enjoy their time lying near the pool as well as have a dinner in the restaurant. The complex is designed in such a way that the guests can spend the whole day without leaving a territory.

Thanks to remoteness from the megalopolis and closeness to the forest, calm prevails here. There is an atmosphere of silence and harmony in a daytime. In the evening pool and trees lighting changes the character of Queen Country Club. 

One of the best trump cards of Queen Country Club is a big 26-meter black pool right at the center. There are 200 comfortable lounges on the perimeter.

Another advantage of the country resort is a covered terrace and restaurant for 200 guests which servers European, Ukrainian and Oriental cuisine. Zonning is planned in such a way that the guests can feel themselves isolated and at the same time be in the open. They can spend hours sitting here in comfortable soft chairs. There are also so-called Dastarkhans around the terrace, which are private pergolas of European type.

The terrace and the pool are divided by the pool bar. There is also a gym and a playground at the territory. The complex is separated from the rode by a fence that has an acoustic function.

Natural materials were used in decoration. Decking plank and ethnic thatch roofing sets the tone. Stone and brass elements just emphasize some areas.

Design:  YOD Design Studio 
Location: Kyiv. your social media marketing partner