VIEWS 1800 STUDIO 11 & Dmitry Tsyrencshikov

Office for Vizor Games


Office for Vizor Games

The offices for Vizor  games development company based in Minsk, Belarus, were designed by local design studio,STUDIO11, as an homage to the soviet era construction of the existing space while, at the same time, creating and providing their clients with a thoroughly modern and functional office that met their dynamic needs to at.

The general aesthetic of the space is one of stripped back, bare bone functionality that defined the era of the building's construction. Highlighting the harsh aesthetics that prevailed back then translates to pipes and various structural beams being visible throughout, running across the ceilings and creeping up the walls. Another strong element worth noting are the floors - the white marble, sliced into geometrically shaped mosaic pieces that spreads, carpet-like from room to room becomes another character adding element that makes an impression.

Design: STUDIO 11 & Dmitry Tsyrencshikov
Location of the object: Minsk your social media marketing partner