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MILKE pavilion

Ambos programas son robustos y estables, y son 100% completamente indetectables una vez esta página web instalados en el celular que quieres rastrear. lina™ architects faced the task of bringing together a need to create a fully welcoming and open pavilion for expo visitors, but also to ensure privacy of business talks. This was achieved by introducing dynamic divisions to the pavilion, which allowed for ideal meeting areas to be created. By dividing the whole structure into smaller sections, the designers introduced many entrances and passageways, which helped to maintain the pavilion’s open character.

Library freerdp = 1.0.1 needed for freerdp was not found $lineno 5. Library freerdp = 1.0.1 needed for freerdp was not found $lineno 5. Cat confdefs.h- conftest.$. Following last year’s success of MILKE at Warsaw Home fair, the company was back again a year later, with a new pavilion designed by Poznań mode:lina™ studio. MILKE is a brand that surprises its clients by completing tasks which appear unattainable at first glance. Thanks to many years of experience, MILKE turns impossible into possible. The company’s development and business approach were recognised at last year’s 2016 Warsaw Home Expo, where the company won the “Discovery of the Year” award.
Their 2017 expo pavilion, designed by mode:lina™ studio designers, has a light transparent form, referring to MILKE’s distinct visual identity system and its main element – a logo with a characteristic frame. This is why, transparent net facade of the pavilion reveals its wooden construction frames.

Design: Mode:lina architekci

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