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Kopernika 10 Apartments


Kopernika 10 Apartments

Complete renovation of an apartment in a historic tenementlocated by the Kopernika street near to the old square market. It has become an unconventional challengeto create three separate flats meant for short-term rentals.

Every fully functional apartment offers well equipped kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and a living room. We have decided to go for some bold and unconventional solutions, which couldn’t be applied in along-term living space such as all dark green bedroom, glass shower in the centre of the flat or a pass to the bathroom hidden behind the builtin kitchen and closet. This is something we can only expect from a space where we’re staying for a day or two - it should be beautiful, functional but also surprising with original ideas and solutions.

Design: Marcelina Gronowska & Damian Goliński
Location of the object: Poznan your social media marketing partner