At a discussion conducted in colombo the ships captain gave the officials a detailed narrative of what happened to his ship now grounded in sand and his crew who were forcibly removed from his ship by military speed boats of the sea tigers. Police is looking into new front of the ltte. Walter jayawardhana reporting from los angeles.

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Jody helps sam figure out where the kidnapped dean is and when they need the blood of a virgin to kill vesta, jody punches one in the nose to get the blood when she refuses to help. During the confrontation with vesta, jody uses her knowledge of the goddess true nature to catch her off guard and tries to kill her while she is distracted.
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Criminosos fortemente armados invadiram uma delegacia, nesta terça-feira (3), e conseguiram resgatar o acusado de tráfico de drogas diego de souza mais informações feitoza, o dg, apontado como um dos líderes do crime organizado na favela de manguinhos, na zona norte do rio de janeiro--o suspeito tinha sido preso na manhã de hoje.

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